Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tasty tasty goodness

Well, hello there!

I bet you're wondering who I am, aren't you? Or, if you weren't, you are now! The answer is simple: I'm nobody!

So why in the world do you care what I think of restaurants? Well, because I'm nobody, silly! I'm not a food critic that has my nose so far up in the air that I can't even smell the food and only rate restaurants on how well they kiss my ass. I'm not a failed chef that's bitter at those who are working. And I'm not some sort of lofty rich bitch connoisseur of fine dining establishments. Nope! I'm just a housewife, on a budget, who really enjoys good food and good service. Now, because of that budget, I don't get to go out to eat a lot, and usually when I do it's to a humble eatery, but that doesn't mean I expect less in the way of tasty food and good service!

To begin, I will give my opinion on Panda, a Chinese and Sushi restaurant in Fredericksburg, Tx.

I first went to Panda for my birthday dinner a few months ago, and ate so much sushi I thought I was going to pop! My son doesn't care for sushi, so he ordered pork dumplings. I had one of those as well and OMNOMNOM! They were delicious!

Last Friday, my husband and I decided to stop by Panda to pick up dinner after doing the grocery shopping. We've started shopping on Friday after he finishes work to avoid the crowds on Saturday. Plus, we always have far too much work to do on the weekends, and grocery shopping always seems to take most of the day when we do it on Saturday.

Anyway, we picked up a Subway sandwich for my son because he's the world's pickiest eater, and swung by Panda on the way home for take away (to go, if you prefer). Like I said, last time we went, for the full sit down experience, we ate too much. It was stunningly delicious, but we didn't want to go over board this time. So, we ordered a 16 piece sashimi with a California roll to split between us, which came with a soup or salad- we got a miso soup. It was plenty! And not bad for $30 dinner for two!

It was going to be 15-20 minutes, because the sushi chef prepares it all fresh- of course! So we each got a Sapporo beer and sat down at the bar to chat with the hostess and bar tender. They were fabulous! Everyone is so laid back and friendly- typical Texas hospitality!

If you don't care for sushi, don't fear! They have an extensive menu with all your favorite Asian cuisine. Eventually, I may even try something not sushi- it's just I don't have the opportunity to enjoy sushi very often and I do so love it.

In conclusion, if you haven't been to Panda, plan to soon!

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