Monday, June 27, 2016

Give me good tortillas and I'll love you forever!

Way back in another life, my family lived in Cedar Park, Tx. Well, technically it was Leander, but it was the Cedar Park edge of Leander so all the stores and places and things were in Cedar Park. It doesn't really matter, though, so forget I said anything.

Anyway, the Costco that we usually go to is still the Cedar Park store. Now instead of being 2.8 miles away, it's 70 miles away; which makes shopping a full day chore.  A few weeks ago, my husband was off from work on vacation, and we had to do a Costco shop, so he got dragged along with. Because if I have to be miserable at Costco, we all have to be miserable at Costco.

It also meant we could have a proper sit down meal!

Rosa's Cafe and Tortilla Factory! It quickly became a family favorite while we lived in Leander/Cedar Park/Soul Sucking Suburbia, and we like to go there on occasion. For the three of us- yes, we forced my son to come, too- we each got more food than we could finish and drinks for around $30. That's not bad! And the food is divine! I've never had anything there that wasn't heavenly. Although, if I had to pick just one it would be the fajita plate, but please don't ask me to decide between beef or chicken. That has to be settled with a coin flip.

The bonus, though? Tortillas! Hand made, fresh, OMNOMNOM in flat bread form. I could fill up on just tortillas and salsa bar. Oh man! The salsa bar! I'm drooling just thinking about the salsa bar and tortillas. It's almost worth the 70 mile each way trip just for those!

Since we went there for lunch and are currently attempting to pretend like we're not alcoholics, we had sodas for drinks. However, speaking from past experience, their margaritas are pretty damned good, too.

It doesn't matter if you're in a bit of a rush, either. They do take away ('to go' if you prefer), they have a drive through, and even if you do want to sit in the delightfully decorated restaurant (bordering on tacky in such a great way), the service is muy rapido! (That's "very fast" if you weren't sure.) Despite the short wait time, though, the quality of food does not suffer. It's a proper meal served quick. Actually, they're a lot fast than Carl Jr's, but that's a whole different story!

So, the next time you're passing through Cedar Park, Texas, and are in the mood for some really good Mexican food, and freaking delicious tortillas (when are you NOT in the mood for Mexican? Especially when it comes with amazing tortillas!), I can highly recommend Rosa's.

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